Reform Medical & Healthcare Advertising

Your Promotion Partner

Doctor Promotion

The Medical Council has strict rules for doctors in promoting themselves. Reform with years of experience can help you to make known to the public while complying with the regulations set by the Medical Council of Hong Kong.

Medical Market Survey

We utilize big data and artificial intelligence systems on major online platforms to gain an in-depth market understanding and overview of the healthcare medical market in Hong Kong.

Strategy Analysis

Our professional consultant team will regularly monitor the traffic on your website and dig the possible business opportunities behind the data!

Your Promotion Partner

The professional team of Reform Medical Marketing provides you with one-stop promotion services, including market analysis, strategic advice, SEO ranking, content writing, design, video and animation production, website construction, and IT support to help you enter the market in a worry-free way.

Profound Experience

We handle promotion in the medical and health market cautiously and ensure every marketing campaign complies with industry rules and local laws. Therefore, creativity and skill are becoming more and more critical. Reform with years of experience in the medical and beauty sector is your best choice to penetrate the online market.

Market Analysis and Positioning
Promotion Strategy

Reform will first understand your strengths and analyze your expertise. Then, big data and artificial intelligence systems will be used to conduct market analysis and formulate strategies and promotion plans for you according to market needs. We can help you publish professional medical or health information and make them reach your target audience.

Competitive Advantage

Over 10 Years of Experience

We well understood the norms of healthcare industries.We had more than ten years of professional experience in medical and health promotion. Our clients include large pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, and specialist clinics.

One-stop Service

Reform Marketing provides one-stop services such as market analysis, strategic advice, content writing and production, data analysis, and IT support. It is your best marketing partner.

Copy Writing and Media Production

Reform’s professional team will interview, collect, and write appropriate content for you. Besides that, Reform has its studio for video shooting if you choose to publish video content.

Own Mobile App

To enhance the efficiency of communication with our clients. ReForm has developed a mobile app that your medical staff and nurse can review the work with us closely conveniently.

Market Analysis

Our medical market analysis can satisfy your market needs and utilize resources and time. Thus, formulate strategies and directions to help you accurately enter the target market.

Follow Up 24/7

Our customer service team will follow up with you regularly. Our consultants will participate in monitoring progress, practising strategies together, and analysing results from the data.