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As Your Medical Ads Agency

Well-experienced In Medical & Healthcare Marketing

Advertising for medical and healthcare-related businesses has to comply with the different regulations of the government, professional bodies, and advertising platforms. It is very different from other business sectors. Since its establishment in 2010, Reform Marketing has been assisting healthcare entities with offline and online marketing. Reform’s clients include BMS Pharmaceuticals, AIG Global Insurance, Medical Group, Experience Centres, Specialists, and Clinics. Over the years, Reform Marketing has accumulated precious hands-on experience and helped clinics, and other medical institutes penetrate the industry’s target market.

Find the Need and Help You Position Yourself

Reform Medical starts by understanding what makes your business unique and what healthcare areas of focus. Our researchers will collect the latest data from online platforms and then use different tools to conduct market analysis to identify your market needs. Reform will help you formulate strategies and promotion plans based on the research result. At the same time, we will use content marketing to help you reach your target customers.


We work closely with your marketing colleague, medical staff, or nursing team to strengthen communication and work progress. Our consulting team will hold regular monthly or bi-monthly meetings to review the result of marketing.


Mobile Apps

In response to the need for systematic communication between Reform and Clients in everyday work, the Reform IT team has developed a work management mobile app. The app allows users to view related material anytime and anywhere. You may understand the work process clearly at a glance and make comments or confirm text content or artwork efficiently.

Professional Write Up and Media Production

After finding the market needs, Reform will work closely with you to collect your relevant medical and health knowledge and insights. Then our professional team will organize and write content,  set up a website page, and prepare the image and video for you. We will guide you on what information to publish on the site to attract your target audience and encourage them to seek your medical and health services when needed.

Reform Own Multimedia Studio Team

Reform has its studio and design department in Hong Kong and its professional shooting team to produce videos and animations related to medical and health care.

Senior Online Marketing Consultant

Reform’s consultant team has deep knowledge of online marketing. Our senior consultants are regular speakers at government departments, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, and the Chambers of Commerce. Our senior consultant will be involved in our medical client’s entire planning and promotion. Our analyst and consultant will help monitor the traffic data and results during the contractual period.

In-House IT team support

Reform has an in-house IT team that can build websites, blog sites, E-shop, Online Booking systems, and E-class systems for medical and health clients. In addition to website hosting and technical support, Reform’s technical team will help to set up a mechanism to collect data and achieve a better SEO ranking.





Reform Medical Marketing 在香港設有專業及影樓,專業拍攝團隊,製作醫療視頻和動畫;設計團隊,打造專業形象


Reform Medical Marketing 有強大客戶服務及支援團隊,與客戶緊密合作,全天候跟進,實時回覆。


Reform IT團隊,因應日常工作需要,開發工作管理手機App, 可在手機上隨時隨地查看相關推廣工作,工作流程一目了然,並可即時作出回應或確認工作,達到快速有系統地溝通。


Reform 顧問團隊資力深厚,多次成為大型機構行銷課程講者,亦是科學園網絡推廣顧問,中華廠商會推廣顧問。整個推廣計劃,都由資深顧問全程參與,跟進進度,一起實踐策略,以科學化數據分析成效。


Reform IT團隊除了能會為你制作網頁/個人網誌/Eshop/Booking System/ Eclass 等,還會進行分析器設定,SEO排名設置,網站數據收集等。為整個推廣計劃作出支援,將科學化數據能利用作網站及廣告優化的基礎。

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