Reform Medical Advertising Agency History

Established in 2010, Reform Marketing has focused on promoting medical services, health care, medical beauty, and related industries. We have helped our clients formulate comprehensive online and offline promotion strategies, assisted medical entities in distributing professional medical information to the public, and supported clinics to promote themselves in efficient and effective ways.

Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record

In the early days of Reform Marketing, people in the market often obtained information through offline channels such as posters, magazines and printed newspapers. Back in 2010, Reform Marketing mainly assisted pharmaceutical companies to publish medical knowledge in medical magazines and helped pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions hold various types of offline seminars and exhibitions. Our one-stop service of interviewing, writing, filming, and publishing medical content has won the highest praise in the industry.

Since then, marketing has gradually shifted from offline to online. Reform Marketing also transformed itself from offline marketing to online marketing, providing professional online promotion services such as social media promotion, SEO, SEM, and community marketing for various medical and professional institutions. We also set up our own medical and beauty information distribution platform – BeautyTalk.

Created Own Online Magazine

One-stop PR Service

Reform Marketing provides marketing and public relations services for major pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions, collecting interviews, writing content, and distributing content to major magazines and media. Reform Marketing also help medical practitioners to disseminate medical information to the public with professional writing services in compliance with the rules set by the Medical Council of Hong Kong.

Moved to Online Battlefield

Moved to Online Battlefield

Since 2016, smartphones have gradually become accessible, and the channels for obtaining medical information have also changed to online. Reform Marketing also moved to online marketing and engaged in search engine marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing. Our team consists of software engineers, graphic designers, copywriters and online ads experts, data analysts and consultants familiar. Over the year, Reform has assisted many medical practitioners and institutions penetrate the online market with proven results.

Data is King

Today, when information is so developed, how to find the mystery behind the use of data dismantling data in a variety of data is the true meaning of success in the data age. The data analysis consultant team of Reform Medical uses a variety of data collection methods to collect data in various aspects. , analyze data, let customers understand the market rhythm and pulse, and increase promotion efficiency.

Stay Ahead of the Trend

The digital world is evolving at a swift pace nowadays. Many traditional promotion methods in medical, medical beauty and related industries are gradually phasing out. Reform has been keeping up with the latest online marketing technology trend and striving to support our medical clients with leading marketing methods. Capitalizing on years of experience in medical PR and proficiency in using the latest promotion technologies, Reform has successfully exploited marketing channels such as social media marketing and forum marketing for our clients.

Years of Online Marketing Experience
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